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Moving to The Netherlands: The checklist to consider

When we think of The Netherlands, we tend to think of windmills, tulips, Amsterdam, canals and bikes. However, when you move to the beautiful country of The Netherlands, you will notice that much more awaits you than just this. The Dutch have a very organized system which makes moving to The Netherlands straight forward as […]

Why Networking is Key to Finding Your Dream Job

When it comes to finding a job, it’s not just about what you know – it’s also about who you know. That’s why networking is such an important tool for job seekers looking to break into their desired field or advance their career.  Networking involves building relationships with people in your industry or profession, with […]

What questions should candidates ask in an interview? 

Going to an interview can feel pretty daunting when you do not know what to expect. The key to making this experience smooth and effective is asking the right questions so you walk away from the interview with a clear picture of the role, team, culture and company. It also shows to a company you […]

Holiday & Leave Schemes in the Netherlands

Are you new to The Netherlands or are you curious about the process of taking holidays as an employee? This blog out outlines everything you need to know about holiday entitlement and some rules around statutory leave schemes in The Netherlands as an employee. We explain the amount of statutory holidays in The Netherlands, give […]

10 tips to prepare for an interview

Going to an interview can often feel a little nerve racking, especially if you are out of practice or have a tough time selling yourself. Although a perfect match can never be guaranteed, you can increase your chances of correctly presenting yourself by following these 10 steps: 1. Read and understand the company website, social media […]

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