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Finding the right people is a crucial
contributor to the success of your organization.

The war of talent, lower unemployment rates and a constantly evolving labour market means that organizations need to ensure they have a sustainable and effective recruitment approach to find and partner with the right talent. We built our recruitment model around the internal and external drivers which cause recruitment to be a bumpy road for many organizations and strive to offer a real time recruitment process down an experienced, re-rooted road with less bumps and better results at the end of it. Below is a short summary of what you can expect from the recruitment process with us. However, the real experience and reward comes when you Go Ahead and HiRe together with us.

This is what our
recruitment proces looks like

Dedicated Recruiter

We match you with one of our Recruiters who best aligns with your organization, industry and needs.

Screening interviews

We carefully screen and select the resumes of the applicants and will set up and conduct interviews with the most qualified people to make sure they are the right fit for your team. After this, you decide who you want to meet!

Recruitment strategy

Based on your input, we create a customized recruitment strategy and plan to approach the market and bring in the best talent for your organization.


We coordinate online or face to face meetings for you and the candidates you wish to meet and interview.

Understand your culture

Our personalized approach obliges us to dedicate time to understand your culture and team. This can be a visit to the office or a chat with a few other colleagues.

Closing & follow up

We carry out reference checks, support you in the negotiation and can even make the contract when needed! When employees are settled in your team, we will check in to see how they are doing and we support you with any more recruitments or HR in the future.

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