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Why hiring in quarter 4 can be beneficial.

Summer is over. Hiring after summer (in the quater 4) brings several benefits. There is a compelling case for embracing this period as the ideal time to bolster your workforce. In particular, hiring before Christmas, with a focus on capitalizing on the post-summer rejuvenation of both employees and job seekers, can provide your organization with a strategic advantage.

Harnessing Post-Summer Rejuvenation
As the summer months come to a close, employees often return from vacations and leisure time with a renewed sense of energy and purpose. This post-summer rejuvenation can translate into a more motivated and inspired workforce. By strategically hiring before Christmas, you can tap into this surge of enthusiasm and integrate new team members seamlessly into an environment where employees are ready to take on fresh challenges.

Seizing the Post-Summer Momentum
The period after summer is marked by a distinct momentum. Employees who have had time to relax and recharge are often more receptive to exploring new career opportunities. They return to work with a “back-to-business” mindset, making this an ideal time to attract candidates who are eager to initiate change and drive progress within your organization.

Targeting Top Talent in Transition
As professionals return from their summer breaks, many contemplate their career trajectories. This transition phase provides a unique opportunity to engage with highly qualified candidates who may be actively seeking new career paths. By initiating your hiring efforts in the post-summer period, you can connect with individuals who are in a state of professional reflection and open to new possibilities.

Avoiding the Year-End Rush
Hiring before Christmas also allows you to circumvent the year-end hiring rush. Many organizations delay their recruitment efforts until January, resulting in a crowded job market and heightened competition for talent. By proactively engaging in hiring before Christmas, you can secure top candidates before the year-end rush begins, ensuring you have the pick of the best talent available.

Fostering Improved Team Dynamics
Introducing new team members after the summer break can have a positive impact on team dynamics. Existing employees are often more welcoming and open to change after their own vacations, creating an atmosphere of unity and camaraderie. This can contribute to a harmonious work environment and set the stage for a productive new year.


In a competitive job market, being proactive and strategic with your hiring efforts is key to staying ahead. Hiring before Christmas, with a focus on leveraging post-summer rejuvenation, presents a valuable opportunity to capture the energy and motivation that follows vacations and to target top talent in transition. This approach allows your organization to avoid the year-end hiring rush, improve team dynamics, and set the stage for a successful new year.

So, this holiday season, consider making hiring a priority and capitalize on the post-summer rejuvenation that employees and job seekers alike bring to the table. With the right strategic approach, you can enhance your workforce and position your organization for a successful and dynamic year ahead. Are you in need to ambitious, high quality candidates? Are you expanding your business across boarders and are unsure of how to come in to contact with the best talent? Reach out to us as we are the experts with access to a huge network of top class talent across Europe.

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